Venom & Pandora

Louis V Line Venom & Mad Dog's Pandora

November 30, 2016 We produce some Whopper puppies. Huge and very fat, best to describe as Massive.

American Bully Puppies

GunSmoke & NumNum

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


Sold to Bluepoint Kennels. Little puppy Keeps placing 1st at ABKC Shows at only in the 6-9 Month old division. He weighs 70 Pounds all ready!

Venom & Sookie Breeding

August 2016

Louis V Line TSB Venom's Very 1st Litter Breed with Aww Sookie Sookie from Dawghouse Bullies. Pure Excellence!

Dawghouse's King Hippo

Sold To Shep Shepherd in Mississippi!

Doghouse's Trigger!

Sold to Sandra Campbell in Detroit! 

Dawghouse's Fury

Beautiful Tri Girl we kept for ourselves! She keeps placing 1st at ABKC shows! Great things to come from this little compact Bully!

RBK's Blue Dozer& Aww Sookie

Feburary 2016

ABKC Champion RBK's Blue Dozer bred with our Pocket Bully Aww Sookie Sookie and produced an amazing & very large litter. 

Wagon Load Of Puppies

The only way to keep up this these guys was a toy wagon we especially designed for the rug rats! 

Grapes & Boss Hogg

Girl on the left Grapes grew up to be a massive Pocket, and the one on the right we kept. He is a large Classic, ABKC name is Dawghouse's Boss Hogg.


Food Coma!


Beautiful Blue Standard!

Peanut! Mystie Blue

Life of the party!


Nyla Aka Venom

Bam Bam