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Big Red X Pandora Puppy Video

This Litter Dropped on January 2nd 2019 and will be headed to their new homes February 28th. In this video they are 2 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes opened the day before. This was a Dawghouse Bullies and Texas Size Bullies collaboration.

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Dawghouse Bullies program objective is to create family pets, loyal guardians and loving family members while continuously improving the American Bully.

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ABKC Champion RBK's Blue Dozer

Champion Dozer turning on his charm.



ABKC Champion Doghouse's Fury and Champion RBK's Blue Dozer bring home some ribbons. Practice makes perfect!

In the Dawghouse

Published on Jun 20, 2017

Official Video | Young Guns- Texas Size Bullies

Featuring Dawghouse Bullies & Bluepoint Kennels

A few of Louis V Line's Venom & King Tyson II Productions (aged 3-8 months)

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